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Basic Website Design Packages

These are "Starter Packages"  Visit our “Portfolio” page to view some completed sites.


5 page web site *

1 year Site Maintenance ****


We Build / You Host
We Build / We Host
As A Subdomain

5 page web site *

Subdomain Address **

1 year Site Hosting

1 year Site Maintenance ****


5 page web site *

1 Registered Domain Name ***

1 year Site Hosting

1 year Site Maintenance ****


Domain Hosting

* Additional pages available for a fee.  A web page is like an 8 1/2" by 11" flyer. Extremely long pages are extra.


** Your site will be part of our domain, accessible by typing your chosen site name plus ".ahgweb.com" afterwards.


*** Domain name will be ONE of the following: .com, .net,  .org, .info, etc. Name registration will be for 1 year period, through a national company and is subject to availability. The domain will be registered in YOUR name.


*** Includes updating of links and other necessary maintenance on a monthly basis, and DOES NOT include redesigning the site or adding new pages.


The customer can supply content (special pictures, offers, text, links, etc.) for the site, which we will adjust as needed to fit space and design constraints.


NO web site will "go live" until the customer approves all content, so customer must be available for consultation during normal business hours.


ArrowHead Graphics can supply photography, and / or art (for an hourly  fee). Specialized programming is billed at an hourly rate.


Other packages can be designed upon request. Go to our contact page to inquire about our other rates.

Let’s Get Started!


Unfamiliar with how websites are priced? We have found  that the simple approach is best. A few simple choices make the process easier. If our basic package doesn’t quite fit, we can customize it to meet your needs.


Below we have three basic plans outlined. One of them may be just what you need. For example, a 5 page site might consist of the home page, a product page, a services page, a testimonials page, and a contact page.


You choose a plan, and we will be right there to assist you in your decision. Visit our “Contact  Us” page for email contact information and phone numbers where we may be reached.