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To the right is an ad I built for one of my customers to display on another website as an “link exchange” to draw traffic to his site.


Below you will find several examples of my flash work which will open in a new browser window. One of my favorite projects involves creating photo albums for a customer who does “live  remote broadcasts” for his radio station. Those albums will load from the customer’s website.

Flash Pages

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast with devastating consequences! The city of New Orleans, Louisiana was underwater, whole communities were wiped out from New Orleans across the Mississippi gulf coast.


Thousands of refugees fleeing the oncoming storm ended up in our community in southeastern Arkansas. Qliteradio compassionately allowed me to post this map showing the location of sites in our town offering relief services to the refugees on their site.

Here are a few of my favorite Photo Albums. I did all of the artwork for the links.

This animation was built to help another webdesigner fill a need. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the results. I have used it myself on a couple of my commercial sites. This globe was designed in Quicker using Actionscript 2, masking, and some math. I thought the results were nice.